- Me execute? She has not answered. "Ulpiny have not lain, - Varg has thought. - Justina has sworn not to kill to the father
me". He has told it aloud. Sofia has directed on it an amazed look, and Vargu became not on itself. He has understood that
has made an awful mistake. She has haughtily grinned and has spoken: - you are mistaken. I promised nothing to your
father. Unless I could?.
As you have thought such, especially now, after war! Who to you has told? Ulpiny?! Can not answer, I know. Certainly, they!
Ulpiny to you have lain, as lay to you always. But I promised to general Milissinu magnificent triumph in Temisii, on the
Palatinsky area, before a face of the Divine emperor. With your participation! - and further? - Varg has exclaimed. - That will
be further with my country when I dishonoured, will leave to gods?! Well, answer! All of you perfectly understand! "You are
right, - Sofia has thought, - I understand!".
- I want, that you knew, - she has suddenly told, obeying intuition, - duke Kruna, your father, I have killed.
Something has moved in person Varga, and for any instant of Sofia it seemed, as if it is ready to rush on it and to amaze
with a steel of chains. However he again, as well as for the first time, has managed to take itself(himself) in hands. It was
pleasant to it: it passed severe test.
- I knew it, - Varg has nodded.
- Possibly, Ulpiny have told to you that I ordered Kruna to poison.
- Yes. Your doctor has confessed in it on a rack.
- Nikandr Lisma? - Yes.
- You underestimate Ulpinov. Nikandr Lisma admitted what Ulpiny have forced it to admit. It is called as mental compulsion.
No more, but also not less! Varg has shuddered. Such thought came to to it mind, and time and again.
- And how you have killed him, if not a poison? - Your father was killed by me the world with Empire, - Sofia has said. - is
more true, we have killed him together: I - the peace treaty, you - the revolt, and Ulpiny have completed begun by us mental
- Ulpiny...
- Well really till now do not understand?! - Sofia has angrily exclaimed. - who is more than them, your friends Ulpinov, has
been interested in death of your father?! When you have received its last letter...
- Your letter! - let mine! So, when you have received it, admit, you were going to pass to the father or, anyway, to search for
worthy road to the world! Is a truth.
- Well certainly! - she has nervously grinned. - but the devil has sent you to Ulpinam, and these bad people have not
allowed to you to finish business by the world. They have aimed the noble son at war with the native father. This war would
be lost by you - if your father lives still at least month! That is why they have hastened to finish it.